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Entry Criteria

Anyone can enter the challenge: individuals, teams of people, entrepreneurs, community organisations, aged care organisations, businesses, and anyone else we've forgotten. We care more about your ideas and the passion you have to create something great than where you come from!

Successful entries will need to be an incorporated body to receive the funds. If you aren’t an incorporated body you can still apply and if you do make the shortlist we can help you think about how you might partner with another organisation. 

All entries should directly respond to one of the two briefs: boomers or home alone. You also have to be able to articulate and ultimately demonstrate how your work will directly benefit older people in South Australia. 

Entries are welcomed from teams based outside of South Australia

We will not consider funding a pre-existing community program or funding a program that is currently running in another state. For alternative OFTA funding streams see here.

Entries may be for early stage ideas or demonstrations of existing programs.

If you're unsure if you're a good fit for the challenge send us an email.

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