Additional prize!!!

We are really excited that we can announce an additional prize for the Innovation in Ageing Challenge. Our friends at Universal Favourite are offering a Strategy Booster Pack for a successful winner. Universal Favourite are a brand, design and digital agency who work with people who want to create a better world, that works. 

Here is a message from the Universal Favourite team: 

We’re very excited to work with you and if you are the selected winner of our prize you’ll be able to think of us as your brand, design and digital partner. Exciting! Everyone needs a little booster when it comes to shaping their brand, messaging or thinking about their digital strategy.

As the winner of the Strategy Booster Pack you’ll receive 2 days worth of strategic consulting time, which you can choose to use in the form of a workshop or consultations.

We’ll work with you to make sure we use this time in a way that is most appropriate for your needs – as we know each project is very different, so we’ll get into the details down the track.

See more information about the prize