Winners announced

The winners were officially announced on the 10th of December by the Minister for Ageing, Zoe Bettison. 

The winners of the Innovation in Ageing Challenge are:

SeniorPreneurs ($25,000) - a networking organisation for over-55s that encourages people to start up new enterprises that will benefit participants and the community and will be financially sustainable. 

Test Kitchen ($40,000) - aims to break loneliness for socially isolated older people by facilitating positive social interactions over food that reignites the senses; this sets Test Kitchen apart from current meal provision services. 

Boomers Power the Community ($36,500) – Community Centres SA will explore how to engage baby boomers in volunteering and capture their skills and experience to address low functional literacy in their local community. This project will also receive the Strategy Booster Pack, two days of extra strategic support provided by Universal Favourite to help deliver the project. 

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