Thoughts from our research partners

Tackling the challenge of the ageing population isn’t something we’re going to be able to do alone. We’re going to need people thinking about the challenges but also the opportunities from all sectors. 

We brought together a group of South Australian researchers passionate about older people and creating better outcomes with and for them. 

Here’s a few things that they had to say about what they thought any solution in the Innovation in Ageing Challenge would have to consider:

Deborah Kay from University of South Australia told us "I want to see older people driving solutions that they want to see for themselves - something different from existing services. Any successful solution needs to be developed with older people at every stage."

Tim Windsor from Flinders university shared the example of Experience Corp, to him it’s a great example of an innovative solutions because it “taps into the passion and skills of older people, to tutor kids in disadvantaged schools."

When it came to working with older people experiencing social isolation, Deborah King from Flinders University shared her perspective. “We need to find ways for older people to maintain their autonomy, to enrich their relationships, for families to play a part- even if it's from a distance. We need new ways of imagining what 'home' means in older adulthood."

Tim added, "there are many critical transitions in older age- widowhood, downsizing, moving into residential care. These are also opportunities to innovate.”

Around the world people are championing a new vision for older people, to get inspired read more about what’s being discussed: