Boomers Power the Community - May


 Blog for TACSI – 27 May 2015 

Boomers Power in the Community (BPTC) – Community Centres SA Inc. Project 


Mariann met with TACSI on 12 May as part of the ‘mentor’ sessions and outlined where the BPTC was up to and what was being proposed to bring the project up to date 

  • Focus on up to 4 pilot sites across Adelaide and one region: Gawler, Tea tree Gully, Camden Park and possibly Hackham West 
  • Main target are Boomers who were/had been ‘Educators’ 
  • Establish a ‘testing’ focus group who will o be representatives from the community centre trial sites, experienced professionals with relevant background in a community/volunteer based educational setting, broad cross section of ‘educators' and key stakeholders whose constituency includes boomers 
    • also test delivery of the prosed educational content between the ‘educator’ and the ‘participant’ 
    • check our methodology in engaging with relevant stakeholders who will be part of ’broadcasting’ and ‘distributing’ and ‘supporting’ the various materials being developed to recruit the boomer volunteers. 

BPTC Engagement and Communication Campaign Strategy 

BPTC has continued to work with the professional support of the Sydney based agency Universal Favourite (UF), who specialise in engagement, comms strategy and campaigning, project management and specialist project branding and messaging. 

  • UF and BPTC have advanced the development, based on the available research and also the local environment where we are trialling the BPTC, of a first cut engagement messaging look and feel, which will be tested with the focus group to be recruited, representing the relevant ‘educator’ boomer demographic o We have developed some 5 concept messaging options which will from the basis of the focus group discussion and consideration 
    • Once we determine what ‘concept(s)’ we believe is the best then this will be developed further and then launched 
    • This will be through a broad based communication strategy using existing distribution options within Community Centres SA, radio spots and those strategically linked partners and stakeholder and local ‘ambassadors etc. as above. 

Building partnerships and stakeholder interest 

As stated above, BPTC is embarked on an active campaign to entice ‘partners’ – whose constituency/membership involves boomers - who would be prepared to be part of our promotional/communications campaign – incl: U3A Alliance, Education Unions, Retired Persons Assn, various retired teacher/lecturers/trainers Alumni/Professional Assn., the 3 Educational Sectors and many more. 

We are receiving very positive responses meaning that BPTC is appealing to most of the organisations and they are keen to be involved. 

We are continuing our discussion with Credit Unions SA who had expressed an interest in potentially including this project within some of their community support marketing campaigns. A meeting is set up for 3 June. 

The trial site community centres will be focused on reaching the potential participants who need the literacy numeracy support and as already recommended this may take the form of a variety of ‘contextualised educational settings including specific vocational focus eg wood work and so on. 

There may still be an opportunity to consider collaborative options with COTA, OARS, Sole Parents Groups, Family by Family Project, Smith Family Education program for children and so on. 

BPTC timeline priorities 

As outlined in April, the main focus of BPTC over the next 2-3 months will be on the engagement/communication campaign strategy and launch, working closely with Universal Favourite and our partners and also using tried and achievable testing samples across a targeted focus group of the boomers we are working to engage. The aim is to have the first of the focus sessions on 8 July. 

The need to consider the future sustainability framework continues to be another key issue which we would hope to continue to discuss with TACSI and potentially other funders. 

Future funding and resources 

As previously signalled we have identified that we need to be highly contemporary in future communication processes and they will almost certainly be in a web based environment. Social media offers the type of models that inspire most people to become involved and or find information about things they may be interested in. 

We’re also be keen to investigate options to 'visualise' parts of our messaging through use of graphic and or illustrated processes, is important too. 

CC SA Inc. and will continue to look to TACSI for some leadership on options available re these funding sources etc. for these issues as we progress the BPTC project . 

Mariann R McNamara 

Project Officer – Boomers Power in the Community (BPTC) 

May 2015