Boomers Power the Community - June

June has been one of the busiest months with a ramp up of connections to various agencies and organisations who have substantial ‘boomer’ constituents. We’ve focused on them being part of the support and broadcasting to their ‘boomer’ members who may be interested in joining in with the BPTC. 

BPTC Engagement and Communication Campaign Strategy 

  • Partnerships and stakeholder interest confirmed 
    • Credit Union SA will assist with carrying any launch information as part of their community marketing support 
    • Key agencies directly linked to teachers and educators including: Association of Independent Schools (AIS), Australian Education Union (AEU), South Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association (SACPPA) and Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools (APCSS) 
    • Key agencies directly linked to seniors and or active ageing including Council of the Ageing (COTA) and Active Ageing Australia (SA) (AAA), are on board 
    • Service clubs including Rotary Adelaide West 
    • Individual local ‘ambassadors’ being recruited. 


Mariann met with TACSI for the final mentor session on 16 June and the discussion covered off a recap of the project so far, the anticipated outcomes once the project engagement campaign is launched and any specific barriers and risks to a successful project. The discussion included: 

  • Outline of the project operational model 
    • Use of professional support to develop strategic communication plan using evidence based research about boomer demographic behaviour and needs 
    • use of targeted focus groups to test ‘engagement’ concept materials 
    • evaluation and revision 
    • launch BPTC engagement and communication campaign 
    • community centre trial sites develop BPTC project registration infrastructure for boomers and participants as relevant 
    • capability of interested boomers tested, including assessment of their developmental requirements, to deliver an educational program in a community centre environment 
    • Use of the initial boomer interest group to prototype delivery to selected participants 
    • Evaluation, revision and continual project communication across all available media and print options 
    • Research, test and develop a ‘framework’ for a continuing and sustainable BPTC engagement and communication campaign, eg use of web portal for self-registration and linking to state wide network of CC SA member community centres. 
  • Perceived barriers and risks to project outcomes 
    • The sheer magnitude of the looming change in status from employed to retired for the boomer demographic over the next 10-15 years 
      • 5+ million by 2030 
    • developing a genuine value and legacy proposition that will resonate with/ engage boomers 
    • predicting a successful engagement in future volunteering roles difficult because boomers financial circumstances are very different to the already retired cohort ahead of them thereby offering many other ‘leisure’ choices 
    • boomers demanding choice and control which will impact on how community centres respond to those interested in participating in the BPTC 
      • CC SA Inc. is a federated model and individual community centres operate on separate governance and management/committee structures 
    • Capacity of BPTC to resource the development of a sustainable communication framework beyond the current project funding. 

BPTC priorities, timeline and outcomes 

  • Priorities 
    • As per the project plan the main focus of BPTC remains to develop a highly successful engagement campaign, road tested across a diverse group of individuals who will form several focus groups over the next month, July, and then continue the testing once engagement has commenced after the launch of the campaign in later August
  • Timeline 
    • August to October will be a critical time for this activity and it is anticipated that by November we will have been able to evaluate and revise engagement materials and communication campaign activities. 
  • Outcomes 
    • BPTC will be demonstrating the registration of interested boomer educators and also commencing to deliver educational programs and or one to one options to those individuals who will gain the most from this highly valued transfer of skills from such a significant community based resource 
    • Boomers who are engaged in the BPTC will showcase the benefits of continuing to be active mentally and physically by requiring fewer medical and or other related services support and interventions 
    • Community centres will improve their bottom line by ‘sharing’ the leadership with the boomers in developing educational programs and plans that are widely picked up by individuals who need to improve their literacy and numeracy capabilities 
    • Community centres, boomers and participants will all be benefitting from the BPTC activity. 
  • Future funding and resources 
    • As previously signalled, BPTC will investigate and commence design of a sustainable communication framework while exploring options for funding a future web based portal or similar 
    • We’re still keen to investigate options to 'visualise' parts of our messaging through use of graphic and or illustrated processes, but this requires further funding 
    • CC SA Inc. and will continue to look to OFTA, TACSI for leadership on options available re these funding sources etc.