Test Kitchen - June

The past month we have been back in the office consolidating all of our learnings from Augusta Market Day and indeed all of our activities since we began the Test Kitchen project through the Innovation in Ageing Challenge.

With the assistance of Strategyzer (Strategyzer.com) we have built upon our very first Test Kitchen business model canvass which pre-dated our entry to the Ageing Challenge. This online suite of design tools has helped us greatly in organising our information and highlighting where the holes in our work are; particularly in our assumption/hypothesis testing. It also shows us how far we have come from our first concepts, some elements have remained rock-solid, whilst others have been totally transformed.

Looking ahead to the next month, we are in detailed planning phase for a 3-month long period of experiments around community social dining and Delivery-Stay-Share (through Meals on Wheels SA) prototypes. These will run from late July to early October 2015 in Port Augusta.

Through these two distinct sets of experiments we will be seeking to learn about:

(1)   Physical design elements of social dining spaces which can be modified to maximise potential for positive social interaction;

(2)   Barrier busters - what can be offered to help people overcome barriers to engaging in social meal-times;

(3)   Social facilitation strategies – what’s needed?

We look forward to reporting the progress on these experiments in our next blog.