How can we enable Boomers to connect, contribute to their communities and live the lives they want?

We want to invest in ideas that...

  • create new networks that build and nurture relationships with people in the community moving into retirement

  • provide new kinds of support for Boomers to start micro-businesses or elder-entrepreneurship endeavours

  • offer new pathways into retirement

  • create different ways for people to volunteer that draw on their unique skills and talents

The Boomers

Mike has retired from full time work. He’d love to share his skills in woodwork and making documentaries. Sue has more time on her hands now she has stopped teaching and would like to meet some new people- people who share her passion for live music and roses. Bill is excited to finally have the time to start his own small business.

Mike, Sue and Bill: they’re just three of an estimated 402,000* Baby Boomers in South Australia. Baby Boomers are a generation that have lived through huge social shifts - greater gender equality, greater wealth, the introduction of superannuation, work opportunities. They may be retiring from work, but they certainly don’t want to retire from life. 

The way this group of people live out their later years will have a huge impact on society as a whole. Baby Boomers have already started to demand alternatives and are seeking out different roles and experiences.

Boomers want different things from the generation before. Many, like Mike, have accrued a range of skills and talents throughout their lives and don’t want everything to stop when they stop work. 

But it’s not always easy for people like Mike, Sue and Bill to live out their hopes for the future. Mike’s living with several chronic illness - arthritis and diabetes; Sue’s superannuation is unlikely to last for too much longer; and Bill’s struggling to find the confidence to compete against younger workers out there. 

With approximately 402 000* Baby Boomers in South Australia we have an opportunity to draw on their collective knowledge to design different things to enable people to continue to be active and engaged in community life as they get older.

There’s an opportunity to support and shape the later years for hundreds of thousands of South Australians like Mike, Sue and Bill.

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 

What would a good entry look like?

I’m inspired by ideas like Experience Corp, which tap into the passion and skills of older people, to tutor kids in disadvantaged schools.
— Tim Windsor, Research Partner, Flinders University
We believe a good social solution is one that engages and attracts people, created positive social outcomes for the user and is financially sustainable.
— Carolyn Curtis, CEO, TACSI
I want to see older people driving solutions that they want to see for themselves - something different from existing services. Any successful solution needs to be developed with older people at every stage.
— Deb Kay, University South Australia


There's lots of research into what baby boomers want and need.

Volunteering in later life - Nancy Morrow-Howell
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Ageing Baby Boomers in Australia - National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre 2012
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